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Hey everyone!

I'm Renee, wife and mom of two. 

It has been a dream of mine for over ten years to create a beautiful space for children to play and caregivers to connect.

In 2013, my family moved to Haiti and spent almost 6 years working with those in extreme poverty. Mezanmi is a Haitian Creole expression that clearly explains the purpose of this business.

Mezanmi: (may-zah-mee)

  • Oh my goodness! I'm going to go crazy! 

  • Wow! I can't believe my eyes!

  • Literal translation: My Friends

My dream is that this will be a space where you can come for a change of scenery when you think you may go crazy if you spend one more minute in your house. It is my hope that you find a beautiful, comfortable space that welcomes you when you walk in and gives you that sigh of relief and breath of fresh air. And finally, Mezanmi should be a place for you to connect with others. In a world where many of our relationships happen behind a screen, Mezanmi is a place to build face to face relationships and encourage one another in one of the most difficult seasons of being a parent.

GIVING BACK: After traveling to Haiti for the past 10 years and living there with my family for nearly six years, orphan prevention is a cause that I am very passionate about. Mezanmi Play Cafe will also feature a small boutique with beautiful handmade Haitian products made by Haitian moms. Every item that is purchased will help a mother care for her children.

Shop the boutique!

Our Philosophy

A Child's Work
Better Together

Zero to five is the most important and sensitive time period for brain development, and our space is designed specifically for the developing mind.  Our environment was created for meaningful, imaginative play that supports motor, cognitive, language, and social development.  We strongly encourage caregivers to follow their child’s lead, and watch the brain at work!  

Parenting is hard, and should never take place in isolation. Mezanmi is as inviting to caregivers as it is to children and is designed to make everyone feel welcome, comfortable, and supported. Connection with other parents is inevitable and strongly encouraged!  There is relaxed seating for adults, and a cafe and lounge for a coffee or snack break.  

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