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May Day Activities

Have you ever celebrated May Day? We started celebrating May Day many years ago when our kids were little. Some years the day comes and goes without much celebration. We get busy and forget the day. But this year, we have no excuses, just plenty of time!

May Day is a wonderful springtime celebration that takes place on May 1st. This special day has its roots in ancient history. A very long time ago the ancient Greeks celebrated the Festival of Chloris and the Romans celebrated Floralia. Both of these festivals were in honour of the goddess of flowers.  Over time these springtime festivals have evolved into the May Day celebrations that take place around the world today.

Here are 6 ideas of ways you can celebrate May Day with your children today!

1. Make a May Day flower crown

Go outside and looks for some grass and flowers to weave together into a beautiful crown. This year, we're a little behind in our budding, so if you can't find many flowers (we have a few daffodils around here!) try a paper flower crown!

2. Give May Day flowers

This fun tradition involves putting together some flowers and then secretly leaving them on your neighbors' door or porch. Knock and run away! This is one of our favorites. Put some flowers in a mason jar, use some ribbon to make it pretty, or grab some old scrapbooking paper like us and make your own door holders!

3. Plant some Spring flowers

Many garden centers are opening today and aloud to sell flowers! Remember to shop local and support our local small businesses. Here are a few if you're in Kalamazoo County:

Key Blooms Country Gardens - located on Sprinkle Road in Vicksburg

Romence Gardens, Inc - located on Shaver Road in Portage

4. Enjoy a picnic

Today is a perfect day to pack a picnic lunch and find a spot to enjoy nature. Explore new trails, take a bike ride to your picnic spot, look for animals, bugs and flowers.

5. Dance!

Whether you dance around a Maypole, or dance in your living room, today is a day to celebrate! Spring is here and new life is seen. What a great thing to celebrate, especially THIS year! You can even make some flower wands to use while you dance!

6. May Day Bonfire

End the day with a May Day bonfire! Roast hot dogs and s'mores. Tell stories of favorite spring time memories. In Scotland and Ireland, long ago in the Middle Ages the Gaelic people of Scotland and Ireland celebrated the festival of Beltane. Beltane means "Day of Fire". They had large bonfires and dancing at night to celebrate. Some people are starting to celebrate Beltane again.

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