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Shop and Drink with Purpose!

When our family agreed to move to Haiti in 2013 to work with a Children's Village, we had no idea what we were really getting ourselves into. We had visited a couple times previously and knew that our hearts were moved to help in some way, but we never imagined living full time in a foreign country.

After spending some time working with the Children's Village, we started to better understand the reality of the "orphan crisis"...that a high percentage of the children living in

orphanages around the world have one or more living parents. The problem is, these parents most likely gave their child to an orphanage because they couldn't afford to give their child food every day or send them to school. Out of love, they gave their child up, hoping for a better life for them.

It is widely acknowledged that orphanages receive financial assistance, mostly from foreign aid. Many parents feel they have limited options if they have no income to take care of their child.

While there is a place for orphan care, there is also a better way to support those children who have living parents. We can keep these families together by making sure that the parents have opportunities for employment.

At Mezanmi, we believe in giving parents the opportunity to raise their children with dignity through the blessing of a job. One way that we are able to make a difference in these families lives is by purchasing items that they have made.

We have personally visited and spoken with the founders/owners of each of the business that we buy from. We can guarantee that whether you purchase coffee, jewelry, handbags or mugs, you're not only getting quality products, you're also directly impacting a parent's ability to provide for their family.

If you have any questions on which of our products are from Haiti, please ask!

Businesses we partner with: Papillon

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