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What is a Play Cafe?

Have you ever been sitting in your home with your baby or preschooler and just felt this overwhelming need to get out of the house? You had the feeling that if you sat there much longer, with zero adult interaction, you may just go crazy?!

Well, 13 years ago, I was that person. When we decided to start our family, we knew that I would stay home as long as I could, but once that dream became my reality, I quickly realized that I needed an outlet. There were only so many episodes of WonderPets and Hi-5 that I could handle in one day. I realized that in order to maintain my sanity and be the best mom I could be, I needed to get out of my house, even for a moment, every day.

I would go to MOPS groups, Ladies Bible Study, grocery shopping, the park, story time at the library, walk the mall...but the options were pretty limited. Especially during the winter in the midwest. I would love to invite friends over to my house - but it was only 900 square feet! have to make sure it's "presentable" and have snacks and coffee to offer.

I found myself dreaming of a space that felt like "home" where I could meet a friend and let our babies and toddlers play while we were able to still connect. And what would be even better?? A clean, beautiful space where I could also grab a drink and snack. We had spent plenty of time at the mall play place, or other "activity centers" with a big scary mouse and lots of over-stimulation, but there was nothing available that I wanted to visit as much as my kids did.

A play cafe is a space created just as much for the care-giver as it is for the child. Imagine walking into a peaceful, bright, comfortable setting where all the toys are clean and safe.

(Photos are inspiration only and not of Mezanmi Play Cafe)

Mezanmi Play cafe will be a space where little ones can learn in an environment with hand-picked toys that encourage play and imagination while not overstimulating. Zero to five is the most important and sensitive time period for brain development, and our space is designed specifically for the developing mind.  Our environment will be created for meaningful, imaginative play that supports motor, cognitive, language, and social development.  We strongly encourage caregivers to follow their child’s lead, and watch the brain at work!  

Parenting is hard, and should never take place in isolation. Mezanmi is working to create a space as inviting to caregivers as it is to children and designed to make everyone feel welcome, comfortable, and supported. In an environment like this, connection with other parents is inevitable and will be strongly encouraged!  Relaxed seating for adults, and a cafe and lounge for a coffee or snack break will round out this Play Cafe.  

(Photos are inspiration only and not of Mezanmi Play Cafe)

Continue to look around our site to learn more! We can't wait to meet you all and play soon!

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